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Angled Foundation/Blush Brush

  • Angled Foundation/Blush Brush

Angled Foundation/Blush Brush

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Bristle Type: Synthetic Fibre

Tip Length: 1.5-2cm

Handle Length: Long

Handle Type: Wood

Brush Length: 13.5cm

Brush Width: 2.0cm

Item NO. 201725001

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Item NO. 201725001
Bristle Type Synthetic Fibre
Tip Length 1.5-2cm
Handle Length Long
Handle Type Wood
Brush Length 13.5cm
Brush Width 2.0cm
Product features:
1.Quick makeup in one minute
2.Uniform natural make thin bottom makeup
3.Canthus and bridge of the nose can be easily brushed
4.Naturally antibacterial

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