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FavorDeal BBS Marketing Program(Coming soon...)

Thanks for your interest in our BBS Marketing Program. You will get paid for promoting Favordeal on BBS with this program.

How it works.

  1. Provide your information as the below mentioned for our approval.
  2. We will contact you to let you know if you are approved.
  3. Promote Favordeal products or service on the BBS.
  4. Send us the link of the post which you promote for Favordeal by email so that we can track the page.
  5. Get paid after we confirm the link is working.

Our contact email: marketing@favordeal.com

Requirements for Candidates

  • Come from an influential or hot BBS
  • Active or popular user on the BBS
  • Not a level of newbie on the BBS

Requirements for Promotion Post

  • Attractive
  • Above 300 words
  • Include at least 3 links to Favordeal
  • Any style is acceptable.

How much I can get?

Regular Pay + Merit Pay

Regular Pay: $2.00 USD /Post.

Merit Pay: the more visits to Favordeal.com your posts bring, the more money you will get

  • 1~1999 visits to Favordeal.com per post in one month$0.03 USD /visit
  • 2000~4999 visits to Favordeal.com per post in one month $0.04 USD /visit
  • Above 5000 visits to Favordeal.com per post in one month$0.05 USD /visit

For example, if you have two posts, one post brings 4000 visits and the other brings 1500 visits in one month since you publish a post about Favordeal on the BBS, then the merit pay would be (4000*$0.04) + (1500*$0.03) = $205. So your total pay for your Favordeal BBS posts of that month is $205+$2*2=$209.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to be paid by US dollar or Favordeal point.

On our website, 10 Favordeal points = 1.00 US Dollar

P.S: You can get 10% more if you choose Favordeal point as the method of payment, which means when your total pay is $189 USD, you can get 1890+1890*10%=2079 Favordeal points in your Favordeal account . But you should notice that Favordeal points can only be used on Favordeal. No Favordeal account? Click here to register.


  • 1. You can not get cash back until the total amount is US$100 or greater. This means if your total balance of that month is $90 USD, you need to wait to reach $100 USD to get the money into your Paypal account next month. Or you can choose to get (900+900*10%)=990 Favordeal points that month. You can purchase items anytime.
  • 2. The visits which come from your post are invalid after 30 days since you publish the post.
  • 3. You will get paid monthly.
  • 4. Please do not try to cheat on the number of click through visits. Any fraudulent activity will result in non-payment of your account.
Do you want to be one of our BBS marketing partners and earn the extra money with ease?

Please provide the following information to get started.

BBS Name
Your ID or User Name
Your Profile Link
Your Paypal account or Favordeal account
( If you have more than one BBS account, please input them too.)

You can choose to be paid by US dollar or Favordeal points, if you choose US dollar, please fill in your Paypal account, if you choose Favordeal points, please fill in your Favordeal account. Favordeal will never publish your private information to any 3rd party without your permission.